Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Etsy Shop Re-Vamped & Fully Updated!

FINALLY! Over the past few days, I managed to completely overhaul my etsy shop! New photos, new listings, new merchandise, the whole nine yards, and I think it looks great! More accurate shipping costs, and all of the new merchandise that I created for Handmade Arcade last December! Some of the things you can expect to see are pictured below.

I'd love to hear some feed back, or if you enjoy my work, a simple favorite of my shop or like of my FB page would be greatly appreciated. I'll only be posting on here after more significant milestones.
Thanks for staying tuned! <3

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Handmade Arcade 2016 - 5th year vending!

Holy Crap. 2016 was my 5th year vending at Handmade Arcade and it was my most successful year yet! But... I had to start COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH!! All of my art & table display supplies were DESTROYED by my former shitty/moldy basement. I had to create 60 new terrariums, a whole new display, reorder magnets, the whole sh-bang IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! I almost couldn't believe I pulled it off, and I did everything that day myself as well. It was the most rewarding and busy day i've ever had there and loved every minute of it! The compliments and comments were overwhelming to the point of tears, from honest, whole-hearted thumbs up to boisterous laughs and high fives. I was told by some that I had the best display there that day. Can't wait until next year!

Solo Art Show @ Spirit

2016 was a crazy year for me, big move, big freedoms, big disasters & big opportunities! I created a new batch of paintings for a solo show at Spirit in Lawrenceville/Pittsburgh, PA. Some were brand new, others were converted from digital drawings. It was the first solo show I had in a long time and my first time painting on wood panel canvases! Some of them came out perfect, others were OK, but i'm glad I managed to force myself to do it amongst all the craziness. Here's some pics from the show.

A fair amount of the paintings pictured are still available. If interested, drop me an email!
*Interesting trades accepted*