Sunday, November 15, 2015

Fun stuffs from Fifteener

Managed to do a few special things this year:

The Mattress Factory (an awesome all installation art museum on the North Shore of Pittsburgh) has an annual Garden Party, one of the best parties held in the burgh. I sell some of my things in their gift shop all year round, and I was asked to participate in their art auction to benefit the museum. The theme this year was the letter M, so all of the artists were given mirrors to decorate in any way possible. The theme for my piece was MURDER, as my Wut dudes are good at it. By far my favourite piece i've made with them to date, and i'm glad it went to a great home!

Earlier in the year, I was considering doing Handmade Arcade again. I missed it in 2013 due to my previous shitty job killing my mojo like whoa. I received an invitation from the people who run it to participate in their first coloring book! So I accepted and this was the first draft. The final doesn't have the dotted background or the faces colored in black. We were also asked to fill out a questionnaire to go along with our drawings. There will also be a directory to highlight our booths at the show this year! I'm super excited to see the final result.

Halloween 15' was a blast. I decided to experiment with face paint and made myself look like one of my Wut dudes. Don't worry, I didn't leave the house like this, just for phunz.

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