Sunday, February 15, 2015


     On the 2nd Friday of every month at a sweet bar on Penn in PGH, there is a night called 'LazerCRUNK'. Its been going on for almost 7 years now, and i've been attending for almost 2. My bf Cutups and his accomplice KEEB$ bring in awesome guests and have themed nights. I've had the pleasure of helping decorate a couple themed nights. My favourite was, of course, Adventure Time edition, where I did flyers, life-size cut-ahts n'at. We had a costume contest and it was absolutely amazing! I made shark heads for Shark Week edition and some more stuffs for LazerCRUNCH, a cereal themed night. Always a good time, check out their FB page & stop by sometime!





Me dressed as 'Duchess Gummy Buns' (aka LSP) from the dinner party episode with one of the gum ball guardians we made!

Keeb$ as Finn & Cutups as Simon

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