Monday, May 23, 2011

BABYMEAT+ Sundae Market

FINALLY got the first issue of BABYMEAT on my etsy account! Sorry for the delay, as I was moving into a new apartment last week! I only have 10 listed on there because i don't want to pay all the etsy fees to list the real number, about 30+. So if you'd like to even just email me for a copy or two, that would be great as well. Just be sure to include your address and how many you want. (I can fit 2 in an envelope.) If you want more than two, it'd be awesome if you'd drop some quarters in my paypal account or somethin'!

I also got a nice little write up/review by the Sundae Market, which I will be participating in again at the next one, June 19th! Check them out on facebook too!

Working on BABYMEAT #2 as well! Stay TOONED!

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