Sunday, December 20, 2009

bird is the word

freehand japanese pheonix.
looked off another drawing.


ANDY said...

oh my gosh that looks great!!! truly fantastic!!

Fossil on a Paper said...

lots of people must always ask you to draw them tattoos. i bet in p-burgh that doesn't get as annoying.

i read that a few big eagles, like the golden eagle and maybe another kind, live for about 35 years before they have a mid-life crisis where they smash their ingrown beak OFF against a rock on a mountain, and then they use their sharp stubby bloody beak to pluck every last feather off of them, and then they take a little nap. their beak grows back, their plumage grows back healthy and shiny and then they live on for another 35 years or so.
is that awesome or what. how phoenix of them. maybe thats where the story came from. with birds though...birds are intense.