Wednesday, November 18, 2009


i can't draw anything that i particularly like anymore.
its the most frustrating thing in the entire world.
i can draw when i'm making paintings though.
oh yeah, and i don't feel anything tied to my
paintings, or any artwork for that matter anymore.


here's my new "sketchbook" if you will.
i got it from old navy for $2.
i'm trying to force myself to draw things.

1. cover
2. intro
3. whatever
4. i feel its like jon's sketches
5. hand idea for a painting in the 12x12 show coming up.

hopefully its just the fall.
i usually become lazy, unproductive and uncreative
this time of year. bring on the holiday seasons.

i need deadlines. deadlines help.

1 comment:

mln said...

I like the ice cream thingy and the bee with the batwings and tentacle legs.