Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final for First!



Just finished up my illustrations for
my very first freelance client! yay!

I'll post the pictures of the finished book
once i get it. Until then, take a look back at
all of em' if you feel!

Email me at
for questions, comments or if you'd like work
done for yourself! Cheap, fast, fun and reliable!


dcmicrowave! said...

i like your work a lot. reminds me of budai, another pittsburgher :) i have a bunch of my stuff up on my blog if you wanna click around there. lots of poetry, too.

Anonymous said...

im in the library and i cant stop laughing at that dude kicking the soccer ball farting and shitting. you are my favorite person in the world. hahahahaha. so awesome.

im pwoud of you. good job dude. cool accomplishment to have under your belt. more will come in the future. hopefully soon.