Tuesday, February 10, 2009

my foist freelance gig!

i got zee gig! 

re-cap: email stories translated into
images by me for a gift.

he wants them in black and white,
so i'm shading them, and leaving outlines.

i will be coloring some, like i did zee moose.

this is going to be a blast!


Color Project said...

1.) awesome. that's funny. thanks.
2.) your blog is sweet. that rules that someone is actually paying you for your art. i can't even imagine what that feels like
3.) i'm posting under a communal blog called "Our Color Project" it's a different color each month...pictures with that color in them. You and your friends should start posting on it.
4.) You and all your friends are so nice. Hang out with me more often. I'll have you guys over some time once I move.

Color Project said...

oh, this is emmy. haha