Monday, September 8, 2008

vitamin c's got nothing on me

graduation is 11 days away. portfolio review is tomorrow.
i've had my portfolio finished for a few days, and i'm 
working on my display. got my buttons, my business 
cards, almost 200 fake flowers made, ect ect ect.

i have a some new "business" clothes, and shoes,
and am ready to be finished.

i only have 3 more days of school that i have to go
to which is tomorrow, from 1-10pm, wednesday,
from 10-12, and monday from 6-whenever we're
done giving our presentations. and thats all folks!

although i have a take home final to do, which i need
to start working on today, consisting of 6 modern art
history paragraphs, which i'm not too too worried about,
seeing as she specifically said that we need to pass one
of the finals to pass the class, which i've done already.

i also need to turn in my zine, and possibly a paper about
the stupid shit he wanted in the pamphlet, that i didn't do,
but talked to him and it was okayed. i really don't want
to do the mini paper, even though it won't be a big deal.

and lastly, i have two presentations, one in com class, 
which is a breeze, and the same with my last monday
class, only with my group and talking about all the
toys r us shit. 

and then that friday. when we get to really actually show
ourselves to the faculty, or peers, and to our families,
which is a bigger of a deal for me than most, because my
family hasn't seen any of my artwork since high school.
and then eating at the spaghetti warehouse afterwards,
and then finally, forgetting the weekend with all the
booze i can drink with all the friends that i love.

chill out for about a week, go to virginia, and then go job hunting,
and then hopefully move in to missy and katie's maybe until
emily graduates and her lease is up and future future future.

this is why i haven't been posting as much..

more to come in october. ciao.

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