Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Etsy Shop Re-Vamped & Fully Updated!

FINALLY! Over the past few days, I managed to completely overhaul my etsy shop! New photos, new listings, new merchandise, the whole nine yards, and I think it looks great! More accurate shipping costs, and all of the new merchandise that I created for Handmade Arcade last December! Some of the things you can expect to see are pictured below.

I'd love to hear some feed back, or if you enjoy my work, a simple favorite of my shop or like of my FB page would be greatly appreciated. I'll only be posting on here after more significant milestones.
Thanks for staying tuned! <3

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Handmade Arcade 2016 - 5th year vending!

Holy Crap. 2016 was my 5th year vending at Handmade Arcade and it was my most successful year yet! But... I had to start COMPLETELY FROM SCRATCH!! All of my art & table display supplies were DESTROYED by my former shitty/moldy basement. I had to create 60 new terrariums, a whole new display, reorder magnets, the whole sh-bang IN LESS THAN 2 MONTHS! I almost couldn't believe I pulled it off, and I did everything that day myself as well. It was the most rewarding and busy day i've ever had there and loved every minute of it! The compliments and comments were overwhelming to the point of tears, from honest, whole-hearted thumbs up to boisterous laughs and high fives. I was told by some that I had the best display there that day. Can't wait until next year!

Solo Art Show @ Spirit

2016 was a crazy year for me, big move, big freedoms, big disasters & big opportunities! I created a new batch of paintings for a solo show at Spirit in Lawrenceville/Pittsburgh, PA. Some were brand new, others were converted from digital drawings. It was the first solo show I had in a long time and my first time painting on wood panel canvases! Some of them came out perfect, others were OK, but i'm glad I managed to force myself to do it amongst all the craziness. Here's some pics from the show.

A fair amount of the paintings pictured are still available. If interested, drop me an email!
*Interesting trades accepted*

Sunday, November 15, 2015


I'm back bay-baaaaay! Year #4, LET'S DO THIS!

Been working like a dog to get ready for this year's Handmade Arcade! 
I've been out of the loop for a year, but i'm ready for it.
This will be the first time my Wutariums will be for sale for the public.
If I get a good enough response, i'll head full speed into more for the future!

Fun stuffs from Fifteener

Managed to do a few special things this year:

The Mattress Factory (an awesome all installation art museum on the North Shore of Pittsburgh) has an annual Garden Party, one of the best parties held in the burgh. I sell some of my things in their gift shop all year round, and I was asked to participate in their art auction to benefit the museum. The theme this year was the letter M, so all of the artists were given mirrors to decorate in any way possible. The theme for my piece was MURDER, as my Wut dudes are good at it. By far my favourite piece i've made with them to date, and i'm glad it went to a great home!

Earlier in the year, I was considering doing Handmade Arcade again. I missed it in 2013 due to my previous shitty job killing my mojo like whoa. I received an invitation from the people who run it to participate in their first coloring book! So I accepted and this was the first draft. The final doesn't have the dotted background or the faces colored in black. We were also asked to fill out a questionnaire to go along with our drawings. There will also be a directory to highlight our booths at the show this year! I'm super excited to see the final result.

Halloween 15' was a blast. I decided to experiment with face paint and made myself look like one of my Wut dudes. Don't worry, I didn't leave the house like this, just for phunz.

2015 Updates

Holy moly, I haven't updated this since February! So much has changed since then: I quit my terrible job and got an amazing new one, i've been insanely sick throughout this entire year, I met Larry David and he hugged me... but most importantly I'VE BEEN MAKING ART STUFFS AGAIN!!!!1!

In 2015, i've brought my Wut dudes into the third dimension with 'Wutariums' : Glass terrariums with dead/dried flowers and plants with sculpey clay Wut guys. Here are some of my favourite examples.

So far i've had a lot of positive response on these, and i'm excited to get them out to the public. They're cute, they're dicks, and they're headed for a shelf near you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Impose Magazine's 2015 'Austin Imposition'

4th year in a row doing Impose's flyers for their annual 'Austin Imposition'! Always a pleasure. Line-ups TBA soon, as well as updated graphics. Link HERE :)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

12 x 12 Rewind @ Modern Formations

About 5 winters ago, I was invited to participate in a group show & my first gallery spot ever. The gallery was called Fast>>Forward and was ran by a few local artists for one year. 12x12 was the piece dimension requirement and each artist could submit up to 4 pieces. The Rewind is a show currently on display at Modern Formations on Penn ave in Pittsburgh PA for the month of February. It contains all of the artists that originally displayed in the first show and then some, mostly connections made since. The opening was a full house, so much so it was difficult to look at everything! I decided to paint 2 electronic drawings i've done in the past as i'm still on block down. They got some laughs, and that's about all I can ask for.

Present Experimentation!

New Academy Press makes these ridiculously rad paper bug pieces that are so intricate, delicate and odd. They're a hit at every show in Pittsburgh! My bf really likes their work, but as is most great art, it is expensive, so I decided to take a whack at creating my own as a Christmas gift. The pictures don't do it justice, but I also know I could've done better. For a first go, they're great! I used glitter & shimmery paper with acrylic paints, dried flowers and an amethyst. They weren't exactly easy to make, but came together more naturally than expected. :)

2014 Shows

   Even though I was practically brain-ded last year, artistically speaking, I still managed to do some shows and get my stuff out there. Most of my inventory is wiped out at this point, but i'm hoping to make a come-back soon, focusing on merging what actually sells and what I want to explore and create.

You can find some of my artwork/stuffs for sale in the Mattress Factory Museum gift shop! It is THE coolest museum in the city of Pittsburgh and still might hold the title as the nation's only all installation art museum. They had a Winter Art Market that I submitted some older paintings to, it was neat seeing other local artists that i've never seen before all in the same space. Check them out sometime if you haven't already!

The Pancakes & Booze Art Tour is a traveling art show that makes stops in big cities and lets local artists showcase their work AND they make you pancakes in a space where there is booze, hence the name. For this, I decided to go big with my largest piece to date: 5' tall by 4' wide. I call this piece 'colossus'. I bought the canvas on super sale at Michaels on Thanksgiving day and easily slaved 10-20 hours on it. My back was a mess for a month after until I could see my chiropractor! You can now see this guy at the Brillobox in Pittsburgh (the bar where LazerCRUNK is held). FOR SALE!!

My good friend and super amazing fantastic grossweirdcool local artist LIZZEE SOLOMON put together a 90's themed group show at the Mr. Roboto Project in November. I was so excited and made these Rocko's Modern Life heads out of Celluclay - a powdery paper mache that you add water to, mold, sand and paint to yr liking. Very cool/messy, but happy with the results! I've been really into experimenting with different mediums lately.

Some cool local weirdos decided to put on craft fair called the 'Freaky Flea', so of course I was in! Low vending cost and it was held at a bar, so I could sip on brews while selling my stuffs. Pretty decent turn out and pretty cool stuffs for the first time around!

Le annual Art All Night: I had a broken foot and not many creative juices flowing, so I submitted a smaller than usual piece. Always a good time. :)